Spark is the ultimate guide for new leaders who strive for greatness for themselves and their teams.


Congratulations! You’ve decided you want to be a leader. It’s a rewarding and impactful role and an important step in your career growth.

But here’s what no one tells you…

The things that have made you successful up until this point aren’t enough to make you an effective leader. It’s hard work. There’s no standard operating procedures. The amount of responsibility you take on can be overwhelming, even scary.

And no one tells you how to handle these things.

Without the right set of skills and tools, it takes years of stress, fear and uncertainty to figure out how to be a great leader. By then, your team is struggling and your credibility is in question.

But it doesn't have to take years to become a great leader. In this captivating and practical book, leadership expert and consultant, Brandy Ferrer uncovers what it truly means to be a great leader and what skills and tools you need to Spark your leadership. The practices are both straightforward and invite you to embrace your own brand of leadership.

Spark is the ultimate guide for new leaders who strive for greatness for themselves and their teams.




Brandy Ferrer - President/CEO, Author

Brandy Ferrer is the President and CEO of Pathfinder Strategies, a consultancy firm that helps companies retain their most talented people and keep them performing at their best. Brandy works with organizations to navigate challenges, shape culture, attract and retain talent, and develop leaders.

For 15 years, Brandy has developed and delivered specialized leadership programs, national training initiatives, culture analysis, and competency models. Brandy is a behaviorist, a certified practitioner of Emotional Intelligence and she is credentialed in Adult Learning and Conflict Resolution. She is also an instructor for the University of Washington Tacoma.

Brandy is the author of "Own It! Be Accountable to Inspire Confidence, Performance and Leadership" a practical guide to developing personal and leadership accountability. Her new book, “Spark Your Leadership-A New Leaders Handbook” pre-launches in March.

Brandy resides with her daughter, husband and dogs in Spokane Washington. In her free time, Brandy volunteers at the local animal shelter. Brandy is the past president for Scraps Hope Foundation-a fundraising board for the local animal shelter. Brandy is a member of the Society of Resources Management and has previously served on the board for the Better Business Bureau.

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